Oak Point Partners specializes in the purchase of inactive and residual intangible assets. Trustees, Plan Administrators, CFO’s, and CRO’s generate additional cash recovery by selling the rights to Remnant Assets to Oak Point for cash, even in situations without any known assets of value remaining.

Oak Point is widely recognized as the leader in the purchase of Remnant Assets. Since pioneering the Remnant Purchase concept back in 2006, Oak Point has purchased Remnant Assets from more than 900 companies of all shapes and sizes, including Ames, Borders, Brobeck, Collins and Aikman, Comdisco, Consolidated Freightways, Dewey & LeBouef, Exodus, Fleming Companies, Hechinger, Heilig Meyers, LTV Steel, MarchFirst, Mervyns, Montgomery Ward, Movie Gallery, Musicland, National Steel, Oakwood Homes, Pillowtex, Refco, RoomStore, Service Merchandise, Skymall, Tower Records, US Office Products, and many more.

Please contact Oak Point if you have residual assets to sell or if you are aware of cash or other assets belonging to any of the entities in Oak Point’s portfolio (click here for a complete listing.)

Requests for reasonable referral or finder fees will be considered.

Oak Point Partners has learned that fraudulent checks have been issued in our name. We have reported the fraud to the appropriate authorities. If you have received a suspicious check, that you were not expecting from us, please do not try to cash it as it will be rejected by the bank.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please call 847-483-8001, leave your name and number and a member of our team will call you back.