Who Owns MarketXT Holdings Corp. Remnant Assets?

Oak Point Partners acquired certain assets of the MarketXT Holdings Corp., et al., Bankruptcy Estate (MarketXT) in May 2011.

On March 26, 2004, an involuntary chapter 7 petition was filed against MarketXT Holdings Corp. and its related entities in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, assigned Case No. 04-12078. The chapter 7 case was converted to a case under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code and a trustee was appointed to liquidate the assets for the benefit of creditors.

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Contact Information Regarding Payments to MarketXT Holdings Corp.

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Contact Info: MarketXT Holdings Corp.

Payment Address:
Oak Point Partners
P.O. Box 1033
Northbrook, IL 60065-1033
Phone Number: 847-577-1374 (Janice Alwin)
Email Address: remnants@oakpointpartners.com

For questions or additional information please contact Janice Alwin at 847-577-1374.

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About MarketXT Holdings Corp.

MarketXT operated as a provider of electronic trading services, including real-time computerized access to price information for securities listed on The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. and various national exchanges.

MarketXT also operated as Eclipse Trading, MarketXT Inc. and Tradescape Corp.

The former headquarters of MarketXT was located in New York, NY.

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