Who Owns Collins & Aikman Remnant Assets?

Oak Point Partners, Inc. acquired the remnant assets of the Collins & Aikman Post-Consummation Trust in September 2012.

On May 17, 2005, Collins & Aikman Corporation and its related entities (“Collins & Aikman”) filed a chapter 11 petition in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, assigned case No. 05-55927- SWR. Thereafter, Collins & Aikman confirmed a chapter 11 liquidating plan, which transferred the assets of Collins & Aikman to the Collins & Aikman Post-Confirmation Trust. Oak Point Partners, Inc. acquired the remnant assets of the Collins & Aikman Post-Consummation Trust in September 2012.

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Contact Information Regarding Payments to Collins & Aikman

Inquiries regarding where to send: Overpayments, Undeliverable Funds, Insurance Refunds, Refunds, Warrants, Unclaimed Funds, Rebates, Uncashed Checks, Restitution, Credit Balance, Escheat, Judgment Balance, Abandoned Property, Settlement Proceeds, or any other funds belonging to Collins & Aikman.

Requests for reasonable referral or finder fees will be considered.

Contact Info: Collins & Aikman

Payment Address:
Oak Point Partners
P.O. Box 1033
Northbrook, IL 60065-1033
Phone Number: 847-577-1374 (Janice Alwin)
Email Address: remnants@oakpointpartners.com

For questions or additional information please contact Janice Alwin at 847-577-1374.

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About Collins & Aikman

Founded in 1891, Collins & Aikman was a global supplier of automotive components, systems and modules to the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. Collins & Aikman was an innovator of NVH and acoustic technologies. At one point, the company produced auto parts for nine of every 10 vehicles in North America. At its peak, the company operated 80 manufacturing facilities in 13 countries and employed 23,000 people.

Collins & Aikman operated under several trade names including Builders Emporium, Dura Convertible Systems, Gamble Skogmo, Handy Dan, Mode O Day Frock Shops of Hollywood, Ole’s Inc., Textron Automotive and Wickes Manufacturing.

The former headquarters of Collins & Aikman was located in Troy, MI.

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